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Welcome to MakersValley

Introduction to MakersValley

A quick start guide

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Pricing plans

Overview of the MakersValley membership plans and cost of manufacturing

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Intro to Projects

How to submit your design and list it on MakersValley

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Fashion Manufacturing Glossary

Learn the words used in apparel manufacturing

21 articles

Ways to start your clothing line

Private label products

How to create your own private label products on MakersValley

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White label products

How to create your own white label products on MakersValley

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Your Account

Managing billing

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Managing your account

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Pausing or deleting your account

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Set up and manage your designs


Understand how factory bids and factory matchmaking work

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Pattern Making

Learn about the pattern making process for your samples

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FAQ about apparel and apparel accessories samples

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Learn about the MakersValley apparel production process

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Quality Control

Learn about how your products are quality checked

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Learn about packaging that your products come in

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Learn how we ship your products to you

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Learn about materials you can choose from for your orders

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