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Intro to MakersValley

Fashion Manufacturing Glossary

Learn the words used in apparel manufacturing

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Membership plans

Overview of Pricing and the MakersValley membership plans

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Intro to MakersValley

A quick start guide

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Intro to Projects

How to submit your design project on MakersValley

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Your Account

Managing billing

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Managing your account

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Pausing or deleting your account

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Ways to make your own clothing line

Private label products

How to create your own private label products on MakersValley

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Managing the manufacturing process


Understand how factory bids and factory matchmaking work

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Learn about the MakersValley apparel production process

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FAQ about apparel and apparel accessories samples

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Learn about packaging that your products come in

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Quality Control

Learn about how your products are quality checked

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Learn how we ship your products to you

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