Creating projects

Filling out your design specifications is the most important part of your MakersValley experience.

Depending on how many designs you plan to manufacture, that’s the number of listings you need to create on the MV platform. For example, imagine you want 1 sleeveless dress and 1 long sleeve dress. These are 2 different listings because each dress has a different pattern. Therefore, you should create 2 different listings on the MakersValley platform.  

In order to submit your design on the platform, you must have already either a photo, physical sample, pattern or tech pack of your design.

How to create a project:

  1. Click Start Now
  2. Answer the series of questions regarding your sample (ie. fabric type, color, size, etc) in the design wizard
  3. Upload photos of your design, pattern, and/or tech pack. 
    1. The photos of your sample can be an item in your wardrobe or in your boutique that you want to make some minor modifications to. You can write your modifications in the Comments in your project. 

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