What are customs and duties?

You (the customer) are responsible for paying for all customs & import duties, taxes, and fees for shipping your products from Italy to you.

MakersValley facilitates the import & export process for your samples and production orders to wherever you are in the world.

Customs & Duties for Samples

Typically, when we ship you your sample, you will not have to pay customs & duties charges since the value of the goods inside the package we ship you, with your sample inside, is less than the minimum amount declared for customs & duties charges to be assessed. Each country has a minimum amount declared for customs & duties and typically for commercial samples there are no customs & duties charges assessed. 

Customs & Duties for Production Orders 

Once you've approved your production order, you will receive a shipping invoice from us with includes 1) estimated cost for shipping, and 2) estimated customs & duties taxes & fees. Your shipping invoice will be based off of shipping your order from Italy to the mailing address in your profile. 

Once your production order is cleared through customs in your country, MakersValley will send you an  updated shipping invoice if there are additional shipping or customs & duties fees. Your products will be released and shipped to you only once you've paid the updated shipping invoice and we've confirmed the payment. 

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