Private label

Private label products are typically those manufactured or provided by one company (MakersValley) for offer under another company's brand (your brand). A  "private label" is your "brand" name that is identified with the product. 

Benefits of Private Label

  • Private label apparel is manufactured solely for the private label owner (you). It doesn't have to compete head-to-head with name brands.
  • The packaging and labels are tailored to meet the private label owner's specifications, including product name, description, company's logo and contact information.
  • Specific private label products are available only from the private label owner. That means that customers can't go onto another website or into a store and find the specific private brand product name that you have. 
  • With private branding, you create your own unique image, which creates your own unique marketing identity and promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty.
  • Private label allows the private label owner to get the styles a customer is looking for in stock or quickly acquired, and ready to ship.
  • Private labeling gives you more control over pricing, marketing, sales and distribution.
  • Private label products are cheaper to make, compared to buying products from wholesalers. 
  • Private labels make it harder for your competitors to match and price check similar products.
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