The template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before being cut out and assembled. 

Patterns can come in either paper format or digital format. The digital patterns are made on a program called CAD that fashion designers learn how to use in fashion design school. A lot of pattern makers still make patterns out of paper, typically a brown card stock. 

When you make a Be Inspired project, the pattern for your product is already available at the factory so there is no need to create a new pattern. 

When you make a Bring to Life project, you will need to mail us your paper pattern or upload your digital pattern to your project. Or, if you have only a physical sample, you will need to mail it to us and the factory will make a you a new pattern from your sample. We'll store your pattern for you in Italy and we'll send it to you anytime you request it from us, as long as we're not currently prototyping or producing your garment using that pattern. 

When you send us your physical sample, the factory will include the price for making your pattern in their bid that they send you for your project. 

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