Understanding factory bids

Each bid has a Quote Number ( Ex. #880). The Quote Number is useful when you are communicating with your account manager about a specific bid. You can find these here:

This text shows the Estimated Prototyping Time and Estimated Production Time. Our standard turnaround time for samples and production is 6 weeks from the moment you pay your order invoice. 

The View Factory Profile allows our members to preview their manufacturer. 

The View Bid Details button gives you all the important details for your bid, including the Sample cost and Production cost, which you can find detailed information about in the section below:


  • 5) Select Quotes

Each factory bid contains individual rows with quotes to make your sample and for your production order. Each row on the factory bid contains a different quote. 

In order to accept a factory bid, you will need to check in the Select Quotes column at least 1 quote in the Sampling section and 1 quote in the Production section. You can use the Select Quote column to check off any of the Sample and Production prices that work best for you. These prices will be the prices you see later on in your sample and production invoices. 

You will be asked to approve your invoice for your sample after you accept your bid. You can also come back and pay for your sample later. 

After you receive your sample in 6 weeks and approve it, you can come back to the platform to confirm your final production quantity and you'll be sent a production invoice for your approval. 

  • (6) Item Description

The Item Description column is the information you entered in the Sample Requirements and Production Requirements for your design listing. 

When the factory sends you a bid, they review your design specifications and send you quotes for each sample you entered as well as the production quantity you specified in your listing.  

Note: Some additional costs are required to make your sample/production order, and you may see them on your factory bids under the Sampling or Production sections. For example, a Sewing Pattern is an additional cost that is required to make your sample, so you may see this cost in your bid. The Sewing Pattern will say 'Required' and it will not have a slider for you to approve it, because it will automatically be included on your sample invoice. 

  • (7) (Fabric)

To the right of your Item Description, you will see the Fabric type. You will a 100% Made in Italy product with your brand label on it made with the fabric you specified in your design listing. If the factory does not have the fabric you specified available, they will indicate the fabric they do have or the fabric that they recommend here. 

  • (8) Quantity

Each quote indicates the quantity you specified in your design listing. If you would like to order 2 samples instead of 1, please contact your account manager to update your invoice. 

Typically, as your quantity increases, your Price Per Unit decreases. These are called "volume discounts".

  • (9) Price Per Sample / Price Per Unit 

The Price Per Sample is the total cost for your sample, including the fabric, cut & sew labor, and standard accessories. A standard care & composition label sewn onto your product is included in the Price Per Sample. Any custom labels on the garment, such as your brand label, are a separate cost. You can message your account manager for a quote on custom labels or hang tags.

The Price Per Unit is the cost per piece to mass produce your design. After you receive and approve your sample, you'll confirm your final production quantity with your account manager and receive a production invoice that has this Price Per Unit shown. 

Your factory may update the Price Per Unit on your bid if you make changes to your sample or if you request a special fabric. You'll receive a notification anytime your bid is updated by the factory. 

Note: Shipping your products from Italy to you, as well as Customs Duties, are not included in the Price Per Unit and are billed separately to you. For an estimate of Shipping and Customs Duties costs, you can message your account manager. 

The factories do typically offer volume discounts for production orders. This means that the higher your production quantity, the lower your Price Per Unit will be.

  • (10) Accept Bid

After you check the Prototype and Production prices you approve in the Select Quote column, you can click the Accept Bid button to notify the factory you've accepted their bid. 

After you click Accept Bid, on the next screen, you'll be asked to confirm this bid, then on the final screen, you will see your sample invoice, which you can pay now or pay later. 

  • (11) How long do I have to decide?

Each factory bid is only valid for 30 days. Be sure to accept or reject your bid within 30 days so the factory can be notified before their offer expires.

  • (12) Comments

The factory will include any additional comments or questions they have about your design listing here in the Comments on your bid.

  • (13) Reject Bid

You can reject your bid by clicking Reject Bid. Once you reject a bid, it will no longer be visible in your project and the factory will be notified.

  • (14) Your Design Photo

This is the photo you uploaded in your design listing. The prices you see on the factory bid refer to the photo you uploaded in your listing. If any information is incorrect or needs to be updated on your listing, contact your account manager for assistance.

  • Timing

You’ll receive factory bids within 10 business days of your design listing being approved. Within 10 business days of your listing being approved, you can almost guarantee that you’ve received all the bids you will get for your project and you can make a decision on which bid you want to approve. Check with your account manager if you have any questions about specific bids. 

  • Membership

MakersValley membership fees are not included in factory bids. Membership fees are billed automatically to the credit card in your account. You can update your credit card information anytime via your MakersValley account.

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