What is the difference between private label and white label?

The difference between white label and private label is the degree of customization of the product that the manufacturer allows you to do.

Private Label

With private label, you have 100% creative control over how your product turns out because you are using your own pattern to make the product and the manufacturer is cutting & sewing it for you so you can customize a lot more aspects about the shirt: thread color, print, the fit, and other fabrications that you specify upfront. If you want to make a private label product, check out MakersValley projects

White Label

With white label products, you buy a stock product from a manufacturer and use their pattern, for let’s say a shirt, take out the manufacturer’s label, then sew your own brand label on the shirt, and the manufacturer typically only allows 3-4 changes to the product (ie. change color, make shirt longer, make shirt shorter, lengthen sleeves, shorten sleeves) when you buy it from them. With white label products, the manufacturer is reproducing things they already make, but with your color preferences and your brand label in it. 

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