How do I ship you my reference sample?

To make sure your MakersValley sample fits perfectly and achieves all the specifications you want, we may ask you to ship us a physical reference sample of the garment you want to bring to life.

Follow these how-to instructions to ship your sample to our office in Italy:

1. Drop It In

In your package, be sure to include:

  • Any special fabrics or trims (buttons, zippers) you want us to include in your garment or source for you
  • Your sample
  • Any additional instructions to make your garment.

Pro Tip: You can use tape or chalk on your garment to indicate the changes you want made.

2. Give It A Destination

Please ship your reference sample to our MakersValley office Italy. Please contact your account manager via the Messages in your project for shipping instructions. 

3. Ship It

Go to your local post office with your sample in hand.

We recommend United States Postal Service (USPS) where you can print a shipping label online and schedule a pickup for your package from your home or office. It is also the most affordable!

Once you ship your sample to us, let us know by sending a message to your account number and telling us your package tracking number and the courier name so we will know it’s on the way.

We promise to let you know when we receive it. For any assistance, reach out to your account manager. 

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