What happens if I do not approve a factory bid?

When you do not approve a factory bid, your project will continue to be listed and visible to our network of factories until it expires or until you request for your account manager to remove the listing. 

Below are 3 common reasons why designers may not approve factory bids:

The bids are too expensive.

When you receive a 100% Made in Italy product, the price tag is a reflection of the quality and the equity of the cut and sew labor practices. We understand that Italian products might not work for every fashion brand. That’s why we are transparent about how our bidding process works.

I’m not ready because I don’t have a pattern/sample.

Even if you don’t have a pattern or sample, MakersValley can help you produce Made in Italy clothing starting with a white label sample from our MakersValley Factory Design Catalog. You can produce clothes based on any of our white label samples and go into production without providing MakersValley with your own pattern or tech pack. 

How much does MakersValley cost?

We’re glad you asked! Check out our Cost Estimate Calculator to get a full understanding and cost breakdown of what it can take to bring your own private label collection to life.

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