How much does shipping cost?

MakersValley manages the shipment of your sample and production orders from the factory to your doorstep, so you’re only responsible for your shipping invoices, available in your online account. 

Shipping your sample orders

Typically, when we ship you your Italian-made sample, you will only have to pay for the Shipping fee and you do not have to pay Customs Duties fees since the value of the goods inside the package we ship to you is less than the minimum amount declared for Customs Duties fees to be assessed. Each country has their own minimum amount declared for Customs Duties fees and typically, for commercial samples, there are no Customs Duties fees assessed.

Shipping your production orders

Your Shipping Invoice for your production order will contain separate line items for:

1) Shipping fees;

2) Customs Duties fees. 

Once your production order is completed and packed and ready to ship, we will send you a Production Shipping Invoice with the estimated cost for your Shipping and Customs Duties we receive from UPS. 

The Shipping fee is based on either the volume or the weight of the boxes that your garments are packed in. For this reason, we're unable to tell you the shipping price until after your production order is complete and packed. 

The Customs Duties fees are set by the government authority in the country where we are shipping your production order to. Each garment in your package will be taxed a percentage of its value according to the local government. 

Sometimes after you pay for your Production Shipping Invoice and we ship your production order to you, the commercial shipper (ie. UPS) notifies us that the Customs Duties fees or Shipping fees were higher than previously estimated when we sent you the Shipping Invoice. If this happens, we will send you a second Shipping Invoice for the remaining balance due for Customs Duties and Shipping Fees. Once we receive your payment for your second Shipping Invoice, we will release your order to you and it will be delivered. 

The majority of production orders are subject to Customs Duties fees, however, there are exceptions. In the United States, for example, if you import goods with a total commercial value less than $800, it will fall below the charge threshold set by the United States Customs authorities, and sometimes there will be no Customs Duties fees.Your MV account manager will guide you through all of this by sending you one unique shipping invoice, so you can focus on your business and not on import guidelines. 

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