When is the Italian summer holiday?

From August 1 to August 30, many businesses in larger Italian cities may be closed, including our manufacturers. During ferragosto almost every factory will be shutdown for an entire month, sometimes longer as they wait for their artisans to return from their personal family time.

This often results in delays in sampling and production orders during and shortly after the Italian August holiday season.

Italian summer holiday, or ferragosto, is a public holiday celebrated in Italy on August 15th. Ferragosto is the height of the Italian vacation season. Millions of Italians take their annual vacations in the two weeks before or after August 15, meaning highways, airports, train stations, and beaches will be packed as many Italians take this time to go on family vacations to the seaside so as not to take this special time for granted.

Every year, the Italian summer holiday will begin on August 1st, with ferragosto itself being celebrated on August 15th, and the final festivities ending on August 31st. Around September 1, businesses go back to regularly scheduled hours and practices.

It’s highly recommended that designers (you!) make plans to give your sample feedback and/or approve a bid and your sample/production invoices by June 15th at the latest, before the holidays. It might be awhile before production gets back to full capacity.

Please keep in mind that if you have yet to submit your design listing, please do so by June 1st to prevent delays in your order.

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