What do I need to have in order to start working with MakersValley?

In order to start working with MakersValley, you'll must have one of the following:

  • Digital / paper sewing pattern
  • Digital tech pack
  • Photos of your physical reference sample

Important: If you do not have one of the materials listed above, your design project will not be approved. 

You will upload all of the materials that you have listed above in your design project.

To upload your materials, log into your account on the MakersValley platform and start a new design project. The platform will walk you through a series of questions about your first sample (ie. product category, fabric color, fabric type, production quantity, size, etc). It will also ask you to upload your digital sewing pattern, tech pack, and/or photos of your physical reference sample. 

We do not accept sketches, so please upload only photos of a design sample that you own. 

The photos you upload will be used to create the base pattern for your design that the manufacturers can send you bids based on. If the photos you upload don't look exactly how you want your sample to look, you can write in the Comments sections in your project which modifications you want to make to the design sample shown in the photos you upload. If you can take photos of the modifications you want to the suit using tape or chalk to indicate the modification, that's also very helpful for the factory!

Remember that your account manager will review your design listing before it gets approved and listed for manufacturers to bid on and will let you know if your design has been rejected if any details are missing or approved. 

Be sure to reach out to your account manager via the Messages if you have any questions or need help.  

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