If I do not like my sample, am I obligated to go into production anyway?

If you don't like the sample, you are not obligated to move forward with production but you can order a new sample with the modifications you want, then once you review the second sample, you can decide if you want to go into production.

Regarding the 50/100 pieces quantity for your production order, you will confirm your final production quantity only after you receive your sample in the mail, then log back into the platform and approve it.  

Once you’ve feedback on your sample, you will need to message your account manager:

  • How many pieces you want to produce
  • The size for each piece
  • The color for each piece 

For example, if you approved 100 pieces in your bid, but later on want to make 300 pieces instead, you should message your account manager the correct final quantity. 

Your account manager will then manually create a production invoice for you and send it to you for approval and payment via the platform.

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