Do I have to order 50/100/500 pieces or can I order a custom quantity (ie. 120 pieces for example)?

To approve your factory bid, you’ll need to approve a standard quote for 50, 100, or 500 pieces for your production order. There is no commitment to produce this specific number of pieces, however this gives the factory an idea of the volume of your future production order so they can plan ahead for the materials needed. Also note that your 100 or 500 piece order can contain multiple sizes and colors of products. 

You will have the ability to order a custom quantity of pieces for your production order after you approve your design sample. You will be invoiced for your final production quantity by your account manager only after you approve that final sample. If you want to update your production quantity, write the final production quantity on your sample feedback form on the platform, and message your account manager. 

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