What is the difference between MakersValley and an online factory directory?

MakersValley is not an online Italian factory directory where our designers can browse business details of not vetted factories. 

Our factories are not able to register freely on the MakersValley platform but they have to go through a careful on the ground vetting process performed by our team in Italy to ensure that every and any brand working with us receive fashions crafted by truly Italian product experts, with consistently strong quality and on-time delivery every time.

Designers are not able to reach out directly to manufacturers to get quotes on their designs. 

We allow designers to list their designs and get several manufacturing bids from our registered factories, and we assign them a dedicated account manager that guides them through the bids decision-making process and the entire manufacturing process including quality checks on their samples performed by our team. This avoids any problem that could raise from communication barriers between the artisans and the designers. 

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