What if I want my design made in different sizes?

You can order your design in different sizes while your project status is in review, matching, or rejected status or when you give sample feedback. To order additional sample sizes outside of these project statuses, you can message your account manager who can request them for you. 

You can order your design sample in different sizes by: 

  • Click on your project from your dashboard 
  • Click on the Samples Tab
  • Click on Basics
  • Click the Update Sample Order
  • Add your additional sizes you want your sample in. 
  • For each size, you’ll want to click the Update Sample Order each time to create a new row. 

The factories will then send you bids that include the cost to develop your design samples in each size you requested.  

During the grading phase, you can request additional sizes after you receive your samples by: 

  • Click on your project to open it
  • Click on Feedback Sample
  • Provide your sample feedback
  • Click Make it in different sizes to have additional sizes of your sample made. 
  • Enter your additional sizes in the editor screen.

Your account manager will send you the factory grading invoice. Once you pay that invoice, your factory partner will develop your design in the sizes you requested. 


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