What is included in my reorder invoice?

Your reorder invoice will include one of three possible outcomes for each reorder request you made:

  1. The factory has approved your order request and can produce it with no changes.
  2. The factory can produce your reorder, but has recommended another fabric. This may happen if the factory ran out of the fabric you requested or because the fabric they suggested will work better for your products.
  3. The factory cannot produce your reorder. This outcome is rare and may be due to the factory having limited capacity or your reorder request quantity being too low. 

Click the green dropdown arrow to view the Requested Trims and Requested Labels of each reordered product. 

If you have any questions about suggested materials, custom trims, a rejected reorder request, etc., you can leave a note for your account manager in the text box for questions, on the invoice screen.

Approve the parts of the reorder with which you’d like to move forward, including order updates, and click Continue. The platform will ask you to individually confirm any updates that you approved for your order.

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