I submitted my design and it got rejected. What now?

A design project that you submit is a request that a real human account manager manually reviews to make sure it is 100% complete, with everything that an Italian clothing factory will need to send you a clear and accurate sampling and production bid. 

Account managers look for specific details in your design project in order to approve or reject it.

If your design project was rejected by your account manager, you can edit it using the rejection reason and feedback you received, then re-submit your design project for approval. 

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Reasons design projects get rejected

Here is a list of the top reasons why design projects get rejected:

  • Missing sample picture: You must upload a minimum of 2 photos of your apparel or accessory reference sample in your project. You must upload photos of a sample you own, photos of your product from your website, your tech pack or sewing pattern. One photo of the front of the product and one photo of the back of the product. If your product has unique details, please upload those photos too. The factory uses the photos to send you bids, therefore the more photos, the better!
  • Bad sample picture: This means that the photo of your reference sample that you uploaded isn’t clear. The picture might be blurry or of a knock-off product. We have strict rules governing the protection of intellectual property of the fashion designs that our factory network will produce, and knock-offs are manually reviewed by our team of account managers and immediately rejected. 
  • Sample picture sketch: You uploaded a sketch or drawing of an apparel reference sample and we do not accept sketches or drawings.  However, we do accept professional design renderings in tech packs. The photos you upload must be of a real, physical apparel or accessory sample that has been produced by an artisan or manufacturer. 
  • Missing tech pack/pattern: You must upload a photos of a sample you own, photos of your product from your website, your tech pack or sewing pattern. If you do not have a tech pack or sewing pattern for your reference sample, please upload photos of it and your account manager will approve your project if the factories can produce the product by making you a completely new pattern. 
  • Missing fabric to use: You must specify the fabric for your product. 
  • Comments not clear: You must write clear, specific instructions in the Comments section. Factories review the comments section to send you bids. If your instructions are unclear or unspecific, your project will be rejected so that you can clarify the comments. 
  • Missing prototype size: You must specify the size you want for your prototype (sample). 
  • Missing prototype color: You must specify the color you want for your prototype (sample). 
  • Factories unavailable: There are no factories available in our network to produce the product you requested because:
    • 1) Your production quantity is too low
    • 2) You requested specific finishing on your product that is not currently offered by our factories
    • 3) Your product requires specific materials that cannot be sourced in Italy.  
  • Product type not supported: There are no factories available in our network to make the type of product you requested. 
  • Other: Your design project is rejected for any reason other than the reasons listed above. 
  • Comments for the designer: Your account manager will provide you with additional feedback on your design project so you can prepare it for resubmission.

How to respond if your design gets rejected

If your design project gets rejected, you will need to respond in one of the following three ways:

  • Fix issues: Fix the issues in your design project that are causing it to be rejected.
  • Message your account manager: If your design rejection reason or the feedback you see in the rejection is unclear, you can message your account manager for more clarification. 
  • Delete project: If you submitted this design project in error, you can delete it completely from the platform. If you delete your project, your project will no longer exist and we won’t be able to restore it for you. Your account manager will not be able to respond to any messages about this project.

How to ‘Fix Issues’ with your design project

To fix the issues with your design project, click the Fix Issues button. The number on the button indicates how many issues you need to fix to resubmit your design project and have it successfully list for bidding. 

After you click Fix Issues, the platform will guide you through each section of your design project editor so you can fix the issues one-by-one.  Each issue will be highlighted in the related section of your design project, in red text. 

Once you’ve finished fixing all the issues with your design project, you’ll see the screen below and you can resubmit your project for approval:

You can resubmit your project by clicking the red Resubmit button. 

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