What does “List Designs For Bids” mean?

Your MakersValley online account gives you many benefits including the ability to create unlimited design project drafts so you can organize your designs, bill of materials, and plan your fashion collections. 

Your design project drafts will always be there for you to come back to and update until you’re ready to submit them for factory bidding. 

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Number of designs projects allowed per MakersValley membership plan

In order to submit your designs for factory bidding, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid MakersValley membership plan. 

Each MakersValley membership plan allows you to submit up to a specific number of design projects (referred to as “design project limit”):

  • MV Essential Plan: Submit only 1 design
  • MV Choice Plan: Submit up to 3 designs
  • MV Showroom Plan: Submit up to 10 designs
  • MV Brand Pro Plan:  Submit unlimited designs

When does a design project count against my design project limit?

  • When you submit a design for factory bidding
  • When your design project status is: In Review, Matching, Matched, Sampling, Sampling Completed, In Production, Production Completed, Order Shipped. 

When does a design not count against my design project limit?

  • When your design project status is draft 
  • When you did not submit your design (your project status is draft)
  • When your design gets rejected
  • When your design project status is Suspended or Rejected
  • When your design is Completed status
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