What is my design project status?

Instead of sending emails, digging through files, or scheduling a meeting, you can track your design’s status at the top of your design project page. 

Each design project progress chart shows the latest milestones your design has completed. 

Each time a design project has a status update, you’ll receive an email notification. That way even if you aren’t checking your project regularly, you’ll stay in the loop. 

Project Status Definitions

Your design project can have any of the following statuses:

Draft — You’re in the process of uploading all of your design specifications, material details, and information that our Italian manufacturers need to know to produce your fashion product. Draft projects don’t count against your design project limit. 

In Review — You submitted your design project and your account manager is reviewing it for any missing information. Once your design is approved, it will be listed to the MakersValley network of Italian manufacturers so that they can start sending you sampling and production bids. After you submit your design project, you will have access to the project editor but you cannot modify your design details.

Project Editor

Screenshot of MakersValley Project Editor

Rejected — Rejected projects don’t count against your design project limit. If your design project is rejected, it means that the design listing you submitted is missing some critical information that our manufacturers need to have in order to give you accurate sampling and production quotes. Here are some common reasons design listings may get rejected.

Expired — Expired projects don’t count against your design project limit. A project expires when it has been in matching status for more than 60 days. After projects expire, they are no longer visible to manufacturers.  

Suspended — Suspended projects don’t count against your design project limit. Learn more about suspended design projects here.

Matching — Your design listing is visibly to all MakersValley manufacturers in our network and is receiving factory bids.

Matched — You have accepted a factory bid for your design project and paid the sample invoice and are officially matched with an Italian manufacturer. 

Sampling — Your manufacturing partner is in the process of making your design sample. This stage includes design project sub-statuses of Sampling Feedback, Sampling Redo, Sampling QA Check, Sampling Passed/Failed QA, Sample Shipped.

Gradings (Sizing) — This status is used exclusively for designers who have requested design samples in different sizes after already making their first sample. For example, you got one sample in size Medium and now you want to make it in S, L, XL, your project will have this status. Learn more about custom gradings here.

Sampling Competed — Your design sample is completed. Expect to receive your sample shipping invoice on the platform soon. 

In Production — Your design has gone into production.

Production Completed — Your design has finished production and quality assurance at the factory and with the MakersValley team. Expect to receive your production shipping invoice soon on the platform. 

Order Shipped — Your production order has been shipped to you. Find shipment tracking information in the Mailroom tab of your project. 

Completed — Your design project is complete and there are no currently pending sample or production orders for this design. Completed projects don’t count against your design project limit. 

How many designs you can list on each membership plan

Your MakersValley membership plan has different design project limits for how many designs you can submit and work on simultaneously, as shown below:

  • MV Essentials: One design project
  • MV Choice: Three design projects
  • MV Showroom: Unlimited design projects
  • MV Brand Pro: Unlimited design projects

You can upgrade your plan anytime to submit and list more designs. 

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