What happens if I do approve a factory bid?

When you receive the factory bid that works best for you, click Accept Bid

After you click Accept Bid, the platform will ask you if you are sure you want to approve this bid. You can click Confirm Bid. If you don't want to approve this bid, click Let me look at other bids

After you click Confirm Bid, you will see your sample invoice. The sample invoice is the quote for the sample that you approved in your factory bid. 

On the left, you will see the total sample price (ie. $145.22 in the example below) and the credit card number that will be charged when you click Pay Now. On the right, you will see a summary of the design sample order you are placing. 

After you click Pay Now, your credit card will be charged and you can either List another design or Return to project.

There is nothing else you need to do at this time but sit back and wait to see project timeline updates of your sample being made and receive your finished sample in the mail. 

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