What does the “Label” cost include?

The following are custom labels and are available for an additional fee: 

  • Woven labels with your brand name and/or logo:

  • Hang tags with your brand name and/or logo:

  • Size labels with your brand name and/or logo and/or custom numbers:

Your sample will not come with custom labels. Custom labels are only made once you’ve approved your sample. 

Custom labels on your production order are optional. You do not have to make custom labels as part of your production order. The apparel products in your production order will have a standard care instructions label sewn into them at no additional cost. 

The cost to make your custom labels will either be included in your factory bid or on a separate invoice that your account manager will send you directly. If the factory cannot make your custom labels, your account manager will reach out to a label vendor in Italy to get you a quote. 

If you aren’t satisfied with the label cost you see in your bid, you can ship us your labels or ask your account manager to get a new quote from a label vendor. 

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