How can I get a quote for custom labels for my production order?

In order to get you a quote for your custom labels, after you approve your sample, please message the following information to your account manager: 

  1. Send the artwork for your label in vector format to your account manager. The label vendor will print the label exactly as shown in your vector file, so make sure it is correct.
  2. Dimensions for your label - length x width in centimeters
  3. Color of your label
  4. Font color of your label - this should be clearly identified on your vector file

With the information above, your account manager will have all the information needed to get you a quote for your custom labels. Your account manager will upload your custom label information in your design listing so the factory can send you a bid for your labels and/or will message you back with the quotes in the event they reach out to a label vendor. 

You can get quotes for: 

  • Woven labels with your brand name and/or logo:

  • Hang tags with your brand name and/or logo:

  • Size labels with your brand name and/or logo and/or custom numbers:

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