How does the MakersValley platform help me manage my design sampling process?

Projects on the MakersValley platform allow you to input all of the product specifications, materials, and manufacturer instructions relative to a specific apparel or apparel accessory design into the platform, to thoroughly manage the design sampling process. Here’s how:

Create a design project

To create a new project: 

  • Click Start Now 

From here, you will see a screen that lets you start your own blank design project. You will need to create a separate project for each apparel or accessory design you want to produce. 

Set up your new design project

Once you click on Start Now, you’ll be able to fill in your design details by following a step-by-step guide. Complete the following information for your apparel or apparel accessory design, and once you finish filling out your new design project, you can list it for factories to review and send you bids: 

MakersValley Tip: Once you submit your design, you will not be able to edit it.

  • Select your design product category (dress, shirt, etc.)
  • Upload photos of your design or select a factory design from the MakersValley Factory Design Catalog
  • Choose your design sample’s fabric color
  • Choose your design sample’s size
  • Choose your design sample’s fabric
  • Upload your design’s tech pack or pattern .cad file
  • Upload your brand logo
  • Upload vector files for the prints on your design 
  • Write any additional comments to guide the manufacturer’s understanding of your design
  • Select your expected production quantity

Track your design project status

You can track the current project status of your design anytime from your project view:

Learn more about project statuses

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