How often do you audit your factories?

MakersValley has 100+ factories in our network. We audit factories at multiple points in our relationship with them. We take onboarding a new factory seriously and we look for a variety of characteristics in the factories we approve for our network. 

Our first audit occurs when a new factory signs up on the platform. The factory owner is screened via phone and we check that the factory has all the current and correct legal certifications in Italy to work with us. Once the factory passes our check, they are granted access to our platform. 

Factories sign our Manufacturer Agreement which binds them to protect any intellectual property they may come into contact with from customers on our platform. 

Each time a factory completes a sample, the sample is manually inspected by our quality control team in Italy. Unlike other companies, we do not outsource our quality control checks. The system of quality control checks is antiquated and unreliable. We prefer to do quality checks ourselves. We also have online quality control checklist forms that we require our factories to complete on each sample order. 

For the first production order completed by a factory, our team travels to the factory site and manually inspects each apparel unit in the production order. Since MakersValley delivers primarily small batch production orders, quality control checks done by a human are possible. 

From time to time, we also meet our factories at trade shows around the world. We have factory summits in Italy as well to discuss our expectations and learn and get feedback from the factories as well. 

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