I have heard of ‘Made in Italy’ products not being 100% made in Italy, by Italians. Do you do this?

Made in Italy is a merchandise mark indicating that a product is 100% planned, manufactured, and packed in Italy. The Made in Italy mark has been used since 1980 to denote Italy’s strengths in fashion, food, furniture, and mechanical engineering. 

The products you manufacture with MakersValley are 100% Made in Italy because the patterns are made in Italy, the garment workers are based in Italy, and the products are packed into packages or shipping containers in Italy. 

When products are not 100% Made in Italy, it means that at least one of these processes — either planning, manufacturing, or packaging — was not done in Italy. What this means is that a product is designed in Milan and then actually sewn outside of Italy in Eastern Europe or China for example. These products can still legally have the Made in Italy label since one part of the process (planning) was done on Italian soil. 

We have a strong commitment to 100% Made in Italy and transparency in our manufacturing processes. 

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