Understanding International Production Shipping

MakersValley manages the logistics of shipping your production orders from the factory in Italy to you, so you’re only responsible for paying your shipping invoices, available in your MakersValley online account. 

The cost to ship your production order to you will depend on your destination address, delivery times (standard versus express), and weight and volume of the packages your order is shipped in. All production orders are shipped with our MakersValley Shipping UPS partnership to more than 220 countries and territories

Production orders take 3-5 business days to quality check and process after the factory has finished before it is shipped. You can also message your account manager to request Express shipping. 

Shipping rates, methods, and times from Italy to the continental U.S.:

Method* Shipping Rate** Customs Duties Rate Carrier Delivery Speed
Standard Shipping $350 USD - 750 USD
for 100 pieces
Depends on destination country UPS 5-7 business days worldwide
Express Shipping $450 USD - $850 USD
for 100 pieces
Depends on destination country UPS 2-3 business days to Europe and to USA

*Not all shipping methods are available in all countries.

**Actual shipping rates will vary based on package weight and dimensions, number of pieces in your order, and merchandise value. The price ranges indicated in the table above do not include customs duties. 

What is included in my production shipping cost

The shipping invoice for your production order will contain separate line items for 1) Shipping fees, and 2) Customs Duties fees. 

Once your production order is completed, packed and ready to ship, your account manager will send you a production shipping invoice. 

  1. The Shipping fee is based on the volume and weight of the boxes that your garments are packed in. For this reason, we're unable to provide you with an estimated shipping cost for your production order if you are still in sampling. We can provide a production shipping quote after you confirm your production order. 
  1. The Customs Duties fees are set by the government authority in the country where we are shipping your production order to. Each garment in your package will be taxed a percentage of its commercial value according to your local government. 

Sometimes after you pay for your production shipping invoice and we ship your production order to you, UPS notifies us that the customs duties fees were higher than previously estimated when we sent you the production shipping invoice. If this happens, we will send you a second production shipping invoice for the remaining balance due for customs duties fees. Once we receive your payment, we will release your production order to you. 

Are duties and taxes included on production orders?

All necessary duties and taxes are collected at the time of payment of your production order. In the event that an additional amount is owed for final delivery, your account manager will notify you. Duties and taxes are determined by each product's origin, material composition, use, and final destination.

Where can I find my tracking information

You’ll receive a shipping confirmation email once your production order has shipped. You can also find your tracking information on your Mailroom tab in your design project.

What if my products arrive damaged, defective, or incorrect

If you receive damaged or incorrect products, please review our AQL policy first and contact support@makersvalley.net with your project number and description of the damaged product with photos. We'll make sure you're taken care of.

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