What happens if my products do not meet AQL standards when I receive them from Italy?

Please inspect your production order within 10 business days after you receive it from Italy. MakersValley does not offer returns or refunds per our customer agreement, however we will work with you and your manufacturer to ensure you are completely satisfied with your final products. 

Our AQL standard of 5% of your production order is the industry standard for apparel manufacturing. 

If you see any materially defective products greater than 5% of your production order (ie. if you order 100 products and more than 5 products are materially defective and cannot be physically worn), please take detailed photos and send a message to your account manager of each product that is defective. The photos and information you sent will be shared with your factory partner and more details as well as next steps will be provided to you by your account manager. 

Material defects are defects that render your apparel or accessory product unusable. Material defects do not include cosmetic defects, such as but not limited to: 

  • The natural nuances or discoloration of real leather
  • Loose threads
  • Dust from storage
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