What can my Account Manager help me with?

You can reach out to your personal account manager anytime via the Messages on the platform to help with:

  • Reviewing and approving your design project
  • Updating your design project with additional information or orders 
  • Getting updates on the status of your sample or production orders
  • Requesting quotes for custom labels
  • Clarifying issues with a design listing
  • Verifying the status of your design project approval
  • Seeing fabric options are available for your sample or production order
  • Checking on the delivery date of your sample or production order
  • Answering your questions about bids you received
  • Suspending design projects upon request
  • Requests for your sewing pattern
  • Coordinating the shipment of materials (ie. fabric) to Italy for your production order 

Your account manager cannot help you to:

  • Create a product tech pack from a sketch
  • Get consultations on branding, product development, brand logos, or sales strategies
  • Arrange visits to the factory your design project is matched to
  • Source fabrics and materials for you if you are not on an MV Showroom or MV Brand Pro plan
  • Extend the length of time that factory bids are available on the platform 
  • Negotiate payment terms with manufacturers
  • Providing contact information or marketing material for manufacturers
  • Update your project timeline - only the factory can do that
  • Use your personal shipping account to ship your samples or production orders
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