How can I let my manufacturer know if I have approved my sample?

To let your manufacturer know if you approve your sample, log in to your account and click the Mark Sample As Received button:

Be sure to give your factory partner and account manager all of your feedback on the sample you just received. When you’re giving feedback, keep in mind that the sample should be perfect and exactly like you want it, because your approved sample will be used as the foundation for your production order. 

If there is anything you don’t like about your sample or are unsure about, be sure to write it in your sample feedback form. There is also a Comments section where you can write more details or anything you want the factory to know about the sample. 

After you mark your sample as received on the platform, a feedback screen will pop up. To approve your sample, click the Approve your sample and start production button.  

Next, send a message to your account manager and let them know your final production quantity, as well as the sizes and colors for your production order. You can see your production price in the factory bid you approved, which is accessible from inside your project:

After you approve your sample, you can talk to your account manager about getting quotes for custom labels. Send your account manager the artwork for any labels you’re needing for your production order via the platform messages, or ask your account manager to provide the shipping destination information for you to send us your ready-made labels.  

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