Who can submit a design on MakersValley?

On the MakersValley platform, you can create your own clothing line by submitting your design and telling us details about it. Once you submit your design, it will be approved then listed to our network of Italian manufacturers who can send you bids for it. 

MakersValley design projects are ideal for boutique owners, online shop owners, or fashion entrepreneurs who have a concrete idea of the product they want to bring to life, and a physical sew-by sample (i.e. a garment from their boutique or wardrobe), and/or a pattern. 

If you already have a physical sample you would like the factory to replicate, you can tell us any changes you’d like the factory to make to your sample on the platform. Then, once you submit your design, the Italian manufacturers will be able to send you bids for it with the changes to it. 

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